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Welcome to

San Diego Scuba Center's
Rental Department

    Stop by and see how easy it is to rent Scuba Gear from us, and if it has been several months
    since your last dive bring your swim suit along and jump in the pool for a refresher course. We
    offer the latest in scuba gear rentals from head (hood) to toe (fin) and everything in between.

    Rentals                         Club Price             Non-Member Prices

    Mask                               $2.50                   $5.00
    Snorkel                            $2.50                   $5.00
    Fins                                  $5.00                  $10.00
    Boots                               $2.50                   $5.00
    Gloves                             $2.50                   $5.00
    Hood                               $5.00                   $10.00
    BCD                                $10.00                 $20.00
    Regulator                        $10.00                 $20.00
    Wetsuit                            $7.50                  $15.00 (hood included)
    Tanks                              $5.00                   $10.00                  
    Weights                           $2.50                   $5.00

    Package prices for any/all of above items with 1 tank (add $5.00/tank)

 Package Price                      $30.00                  $60.00

 Dive Light(s)             
           $5.00                   $10.00

 Pony Bottle w/ Reg              
$10.00                  $20.00

Camera Rental           
          $10.00                  $20.00

                Prices are for one day rental, second day and beyond is half price per
                day Please call to reserve equipment and to set up after hour pick ups.
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